Trading Shed

The trading shed was set up in the 1920s, a few years after the foundation of the allotment society.  The present building dates from the 1950s and remains largely unchanged, apart from the addition a few years ago of a lavatory with access for wheelchair users.

The trading shed is there to provide members of the society with the convenience of obtaining the basics they require on site, at relatively low cost. We buy wholesale and in bulk, and this allows us pass on considerable savings. The small profit we make goes back into the society for the maintenance and improvement of the allotments.  We are open to the wider local community.

We stock, among many other things, composts, fertilizers, seed potatoes, onion sets, garden canes, pest control products and seeds.  See a full list of our stock and prices.

The shed is staffed by volunteers and we are open, February to October, each Saturday and Sunday between 10.30 am and noon.

The trading shed stocked the following seed potatoes this year:

First earlies

  • Rocket (white round: firm waxy texture)
  • Arran Pilot (white oval: firm salad)
  • Duke of York (yellow oval: fairly firm multi purpose)

Second earlies

  • Charlotte (yellow long: firm salad type)
  • Nadine (cream oval: fairly firm multi purpose)

Main crop

  • Cara (cream oval/round: fairly firm multi purpose)
  • Maris Piper (white oval: floury)
  • Desiree (red oval/round: fairly firm multi purpose)
  • Rooster (red oval: fairly firm multi purpose)
  • Pink Fir Apple (red very long: firm salad)


  • Rooster: 7lbs for £6.00; 1lb for 90p
  • Pink Fir Apple: 7lbs for £4.40; 1lb for 65p
  • All other varieties: 7lbs for £4.00; 1lb for 60p